Cymbalta Reviews

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had been prescribed with Lyrica, but I didn’t feel it helped with my pains and aches. I was then switched to Cymbalta. I could say there was a sudden relief from my chronic pains and aches. In just 2 weeks, I have felt a significant reduction in my symptoms. I noticed a minor weight gain since taking this medication but my doctor says it’s unrelated with Cymbalta. Thanks to Cymbalta, I could now enjoy a normal and pain-free life.


My doctor prescribed me with a different class of anti-depressive medication. However, due to an increase in my suicidal ideation, the doctor switched me to Cymbalta. I was initially started at 30 mg daily. After a month of taking Cymbalta, my depressive symptoms gradually waned. A few months into the medication, I felt that there were days when I become irritable and feel down, so the doctor increased my dose to 60 mg. It solved the problem just as I need it.


I have been suffering from chronic pain for years now. I started taking Cymbalta upon the advice of my doctor. With just weeks of taking this medication, my pains and aches banished. I found great relief from Cymbalta. Unfortunately, I had to grapple with some side effects, such as, weight gain, headache, nausea and vomiting, and sleepiness. My doctor adjusted my dose, which effectively helped manage these symptoms.


My personal circumstances triggered intermittent depression and mild anxiety. Despite my knowledge of my depressive symptoms, I never entertained the idea of taking antidepressant medications. My friends eventually talked me into seeking the help of an expert. I was then put on Cymbalta. At first, the medicine felt unusual but I got used to this feeling. In a matter of 10 days, my depressive symptoms have suddenly disappeared. I now have a better and happier disposition in life since taking this medication.


I have always had bouts of anxiety and panic attack. These disturbing symptoms had disrupted my life. But thanks to Cymbalta, I was able to overcome these anxiety feelings. Ever since taking this medication, I had never had anxiety and panic attacks. Perhaps, the only downfall with Cymbalta is its side-effects especially loss of appetite and dizziness. Few weeks into the treatment, side effects became less frequent and more bearable. I guess my body has finally adjusted to the medicine.